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The charity provides a day resource service for adults with an acquired brain injury in the Wakefield and surrounding areas. We believe in the right of everyone to an acceptable quality of life and that disability should not be a barrier to obtaining the skills, knowledge and understanding required to achieve a better quality of life. We would like to offer the best available services to our members.

What can you offer Second Chance?

We run a variety of groups and 1:1 sessions throughout the week. Can you offer any skills to help and support our members in any of the following?

Speech & Language        Comprehension                Woodwork

Social Skills                      Daily Living Skills             Computers

Health                               Exercises                         Communication

Art                                     Work Related Skills          Music

Memory                             Decision Making              Problem Solving

Orientation                        Maths                               Photography

Drama                               Awareness                       And much more...

How can volunteering at Second Chance benefit you?

Increase confidence and self-esteem

Learn and gain experience

Establish relationships

Gain self satisfaction

Give your time to a local chairty

Develop work related skills

Study placements

Seek new opportunities

E-mail us at for more information

SCHC has always been a special place providing essential support. During the many years we have seen the service grow and improve.

Support Us

Second Chance Headway Wakefield relies on voluntary donations to continue to provide our full range of services to brain injury survivors and their families. As more people now survive accidents and live with brain injury, the need for our work is growing.