Professional Services

We are currently supporting over 90 non- members in the community through our Hospital Coordinator. We have good strong links with the Hospitals now with information resource packs now readily available for patients. Her role has needed to evolve due to the often desperate need we are finding people in in the community. 76% of referrals received over the last 6 months have been for ongoing emotional and practical support, advice and education. We do not receive any funding for this part of our service but know from feedback given that it reduces;

  • anxiety
  • stress
  • risk of relationship breakdown
  • loss of employment
  • Crisis.

More intriguing information

Our recent non-member survey demonstrated a need for multiple referrals onto statutory and third sector services with only 18% getting support from other services. Through assessment we identify the needs of the individual and family and make the appropriate referrals to ensure people are getting all the support they should. We get no funding for this but know without it these people would remain unsupported and at risk of family carer breakdown.

The service is growing and our relationships with third sectors and statutory services are increasingly important. Our last 6 month member audit illustrated that 57% of our referrals are from social workers. They continue to be our main source of referrals.

SCHC has always been a special place providing essential support. During the many years we have seen the service grow and improve.

Support Us

Second Chance Headway Wakefield relies on voluntary donations to continue to provide our full range of services to brain injury survivors and their families. As more people now survive accidents and live with brain injury, the need for our work is growing.