Our Team

We have a shared vision within our charity and we are lucky to have a dedicated and caring team. From our evaluation process the one thing that is clear is our staff, although wish to develop themselves, achieve a greater satisfaction from the accomplishments of our members.

Business Manager

Peter Morse

Centre Manager

Mary Brummit

Assistant Manager

Alison Ingleby

Clinical Lead

Sharlene Featherston

Support Supervisor

Sue Marsay

Centre Support Worker

Shelly Sanderson

Hospital Co-ordinator

Karla Firth

Specialist Occupational Therapist

Meral Altilar


Janice Lloyd

Rehabilitation Assistant

Reece Hampshire

SCHC has always been a special place providing essential support. During the many years we have seen the service grow and improve.

Support Us

Second Chance Headway Wakefield relies on voluntary donations to continue to provide our full range of services to brain injury survivors and their families. As more people now survive accidents and live with brain injury, the need for our work is growing.